Stargate Is A Portal to Adventures of the SOUL: Heart & Mind!
This is a Metaphysical Academy.
Stargate is a special place of learning and practice;
classes  and community in the realm of 
Metaphysics and 'New Thought' Spirituality.


Master your abilities in: Mediumship, Reiki & 'At Will MANIFESTATION'

"... You've got to go WITHIN to get your PASSPORT to Places that
no Plane, Train or even Rubicon can take you."  
Rev Gillian V Harris, M.S.P.      



Somewhere around 1972, the U.S. 'Stargate Project' began! It was started by the CIA which gathered and put to work a group of people with 'gifts' so the agency could investigate the potential military applications of psychic phenomena! True story. They were especially interested in extrasensory perception and remote viewing (Translation: 'Remote Spying' - it seriously doesn't get more 'STEALTH' than this!). They wanted to see if folks with these abilities could provide valuable intel for national security purposes. Spies are sneaky! The Russians found out and responded by starting their own parallel program!  As much as we can gather, this Stargate Project continues, possibly under a different name. 

Not knowing about the Stargate Project, in early 2022 Gillian started an off-roading retreat company called Stargate Adventure! Along with sound baths under the stars, there were intention ceremonies, guided visualizations and 'remote viewing' in CE5 meditations!

Then the UNTHINKABLE happened: Gillians dad passed away suddenly in May 2023 and she stopped everything. By the time she was ready to go again, she found her focus had changed to include teaching 'Mediumship' along with the Reiki and Intention setting courses which she'd already been teaching more than a decade!  These are subjects where every effort is an adventure.  All the classes she's taught for so long, are now available through her Spirituality Community & School; Stargate Adventure!  And she says, "to be honest, the name, 'Stargate', makes more sense now than it did before. Stargate is a portal."!  

Stargate Adventure still does wilderness retreats but they don't cost anything!  These rare eco-therapy retreats are free and reserved for past or present Stargate Students, only. 


Sleep tight!! As promised in my most recent book, 'My Sweetly Haunted Life', a free meditation here to assist you with attaining healthy and rejuvenating sleep!  In order for our loved ones to visit us during our dreams, we first need to ... SLEEP!
I hope this helps!

The next two meditations are from my book 'MY SWEETLY HAUNTED LIFE: How To Use Your Natural Medium Abilities To Reconnect With Loved Ones On The Other Side'. For those not listening to the Audio Book, you'll appreciate the two meditations from the book being accessible here.  Close your eyes and enjoy... Quiet Mind Adventure 1 is the first one.  Meditation 2 is clearly the last one. Please do them in order. If you're reading along, you understand why!  Much love! And... may you see and commune with your most missed person! 

Quiet Mind Adventure 1 

Places to go, People to see...

why we do it:

MISSION STATEMENT Stargate is a portal. Through it we are all about Love & HEALING. Healing self.  Healing Family. Healing Community,  Globe , Galaxy & the great beyond.  Yes. Realizing the  inherited power to go large. You. Me. We are each a unique expression of the Creator of all things.  We are here to merge Healing & Love with Making a Difference, sometimes in ways others didn't think was possible. 

To be of service as a place of learning, community and support. To create classes and events that encourage us to operate from our most authentic selves; Spirit Beings. This is our eternal self, the truth of love. From this place we commune across the veil, we heal, we create with conscious abandon!  - Living the essence of 'Namaste'...
Gillian & the Stargate Team


What they say

Marie Jones Jan. 2022


Gillian is the real deal! I've been getting coached by her on and off for several years. She's shown me how to turn on my own magic. How to hear my guides and how to discern the difference between my thoughts and theirs! 

Clara parker March 2021


Gillians' guided meditations and visualizations are so powerful. Her voice is like a mother-angel and I am truly nurtured by her sound baths.  I bought a couple of her meditations and listen to them all the time.