Reiki 1

The study of Reiki is really a course teaching you more about the powerful amenities we come with as Spirit Beings!  This one is next level though. Learn Reiki and heal the WORLD!  In fact, I am most motivated to teach all levels of Reiki now as a result of the state of the globe and the powerful impact focused Reiki can have to heal what we and others are living.   

Reiki 1 starts with the basics. You can't really be there for others until you make sure you are there for yourself. Your physical, emotional and spiritual constitution are blissfully affected by Reiki 1 as you will ultimately be attuned to the level of this energy which will allow you to do self healings. Self first! This puts you in a better place to help others.  Get familiar with Reiki energy and the first 'symbols'!

Just like they taught us to shower and brush our teeth, our parents should have also told us about ENERGY HYGEINE!  Welcome to Reiki. Manage your energy field. Energy can be like 'lint'. Some of it gets stuck to your energy field and it doesn't even belong to you. You picked it up somewhere else.  OR maybe it happened as a result of a situation that you want to clear from for healing and evolution.  We are all masses of energy using physical bodies to do our thing in earth realm. Thing is, there's so much more to it than meets the eye! Reiki is a tool that can assist us in managing the energies we can't see!  This positive Life Force Energy will play into and enhance   every area of your life!

This is a pre-recorded course. Absorb it at your own pace. Includes an attunement ceremony after which you will officially be a Reiki 1 Practitioner!

Reiki One will be available here July 1 

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