Rev. Gillian V. Harris, M.S.P.
Results Coach, Metaphysical Consultant and Author 

For more than 30 years Gillian's life path has seen her grow a list of accomplishments as she sought to follow her soul in a commitment to serve Spirit.
CEO/ Entrepreneur
Medium, Channel & Intuit
Author & Speaker
Masters Degree: Spiritual Psychology
Certified Personal Life Coach
Certified Spiritual Healer & Teacher
Reiki Master/Teacher 


Originally, I thought it was the Russians who did it first and the Americans got jealous. But no! It was actually the other way around! America did it first!!!  Somewhere around 1972, the U.S. 'Stargate Project' began! It was started by the CIA which gathered and put to work a group of people with 'gifts' so the agency could investigate the potential military applications of psychic phenomena! They were especially interested in extrasensory perception and remote viewing (AKA 'Remote Spying' - it seriously doesn't get more 'STEALTH' than this!). They wanted to see if folks with these abilities could provide valuable intel for national security purposes. Spies are everywhere, I guess. The Russians found out and  started a parallel program!


Without knowing about the 'Stargate Project', In early 2022 I began Stargate Adventure, which was a Conscious Creation Retreat. An off-roading and camping experience complete with intention setting ceremonies, sound baths under the stars and CE-5 meditations which included 'remote viewing' to other places and even other planets. 


My dad passed away suddenly in May 2023 and I stopped everything. By the time I was ready to go again, I found my focus had changed to include teaching 'Mediumship' along with the Reiki and Intention setting courses I'd already been doing!  These are subjects where every effort is an adventure. This shift has allowed me to bring together skills I've been offering professionally for more than a decade. All the classes I've been teaching are now taught through 'Stargate Adventure'.  And to be honest, the name, 'Stargate', makes more sense now!  

We still occasionally do wilderness retreats but they don't cost anything! Instead they are rare eco-therapy treats where we will exercise what we've been learning through the classes and personal, diligent practice!

STARGATE IS A PORTAL to adventures of the Soul which is the Heart & Mind - the SPIRIT that is you. Through this portal we journey into the realms of  Love & HEALING. Healing self.  Healing Family. Healing Community,  Globe , Galaxy & the great beyond.  Yes. Realizing the  inherited power to go large. Collectively. You. Me. We are each a unique expression of THE CREATOR of all things.  We are here to merge 'Healing & Love' with consciously 'Making a Difference', sometimes in ways many didn't think was even possible.